A practical guide to the global gold market and the roles gold can play in portfolio management

Today’s turbulent financial markets can make it appear volatility is the only constant. Amid this growing uncertainty globally, are you looking to invest in precious metals as part of your portfolio diversification strategy like other investors? If so, download INTL FCStone Investing in Gold: A practical guide to the global gold market and the roles gold can play in portfolio management.

For centuries, gold has provided a safe haven for families, institutions and businesses looking to preserve and protect their wealth. Gold continues to play this role today; amid growing uncertainty globally, investors are increasingly turning to gold as a means of hedging their portfolios against rising volatility in assets such as stocks, bonds and currencies.

This guide provides a practical introduction to gold as an asset class for investors, portfolio managers and wealth advisors who may be new to the idea of investing in gold. While by no means comprehensive, this guide aims to enable the reader to make more informed decisions regarding the strategic value that gold can bring to their portfolios, as well as providing practical tips for how to participate in the global gold market.

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This guide will introduce investors, portfolio managers and wealth advisors to gold as an asset class.

INTL FCStone provides clients with a full-service precious metals trading capability and global access to the related financial markets through offices in London, Singapore, Shanghai, and Dubai. We specialize in serving bullion wholesalers and traders, refiners and smelters, government agencies, banks and financial institutions, jewellery manufacturers and other industrial users of precious metals.

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