For pizza restaurants who focus on providing their customers with quality over quantity, rising ingredient prices can gobble up margins quickly – especially because skimping on ingredient quality simply isn’t an option.

Fortunately, restaurant operators can protect both product quality and profit margins – if they understand how to use proven ingredient price risk management strategies. And improving that understanding has never been easier, thanks to the new paper, Protecting the Perfect Pie: How Commodity Price Risk Management Can Help Pizza Restaurants Maintain Product Quality…and Margins. Developed by expert consultants and economists at INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division, this paper goes beyond the typical purchaser’s ingredient basket to provide a comprehensive picture of input cost drivers – from cheese and meats to paper and energy prices to the costs of credit, labor and benefits. The key: understand which prices risks you can manage, which ones you can’t, and how to maximize your opportunities regarding those you can.

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How Commodity Price Risk Management Can Help Pizza Restaurants Maintain Product Quality…and Margins

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Protecting the Perfect Pie

Robert Chesler
Vice President – Foods Group
INTL FCStone Financial Inc.

Gary Helik
Risk Management Consultant
Pulp & Paper
INTL FCStone Financial Inc.

Ryan Turner
Risk Management Consultant
Meats & Livestock
INTL FCStone Financial Inc.

Nate Donnay
Director of Dairy Market Insight
INTL FCStone Financial Inc.

Arlan Suderman
Chief Commodities Economist
INTL FCStone Financial Inc.

Additional insight provided by:
Ronnie De La Cruz
Produce Expert
De La Cruz Consulting
Mr. De La Cruz is an independent consultant and not an employee of INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division


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