Protein is the most essential component of the human diet. As the world’s population grows, it follows that global demand for dietary protein – primarily in the form of meats – will also grow. It also follows that demand for protein meals consumed by the livestock that will meet those needs will increase, too, as producers look to maximize the sizes of their herds – both in terms of animal numbers and sizes.

But the rate of that growth will depend significantly on a number of complex, interrelated factors – not just our global head count. These factors, in turn, will exert effects on prices that will impact the livelihoods of nearly everyone in the livestock and protein meal markets – from farmers and ranchers to crushers and feed lots to multinational corporations and everyday consumers.

Now, a new series of white papers from the Market Intelligence unit within INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division can provide critical insights into these complex, highly interdependent global markets. Using a data-driven approach that combines classical fundamental analysis with demographic study and predictive modeling, this series examines the meats and meals markets in four installments:

  • Global Meat Consumption Trends
  • Demographic Trends
  • Livestock Production Trends
  • Meal Consumption & Production Trends

Improve your understanding of the global livestock and protein meal markets – and where they may be headed in the coming decades – by downloading each installment of this essential series of papers today.

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White Paper Series: INTL FCStone Market Intelligence

Global Meat & Meal Demand

Download Our Market Intelligence Series: 

Trends Driving Global Meat & Meal Demand

Part 1: Global Meat Consumption Trends

Part 2: Demographic Trends

Part 3: Livestock Production Trends 

Part 4Meal Consumption & Production Trends

Youwei Yang

Market Intelligence Analyst   816-410-5613

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Youwei joined INTL FCStone in May 2016 upon his graduation from Kansas State, as a Market Intelligence Analyst. He is mainly responsible for conducting fundamental analysis of commodity markets, primarily agricultural commodities (grain and livestock), as well as extended projects for energy commodities and softs. Youwei specializes in comprehensive econometric studies.

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