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Crude Oil Market Outlook: Will the Oil Market Return as We Once Knew It?

July 6, 2020

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11:30 a.m. EST

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Topics will include:

Overview of the Crude Market in 2020

Pace and Trajectory of the Global Recovery

Developing Risks that Could Distort the Crude Markets

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Topics will include:

High-Level Discussion


Refinery Runs


Open and Closed ARBS

COVID-19 Impact

Global Distillate Supply & Demand

July 7, 2020

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11:30 a.m. EST


July 8, 2020

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11:30 a.m. EST

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 Topics will include: 

Reopening of the Economy


Supply and Demand



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Topics will include:

Overview of NGLs Markets (c2-c5)

Dissecting the Convoluted Fundamental Picture Plaguing LPG Markets

Where Prices Might Head

Impacts and Considerations for Winter

StoneX's NGLs Offering and Coverage

NGLs Market Forecast and Review

July 9, 2020

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11:30 a.m. EST

This year we’ve seen incredible volatility in the markets due to geo-political issues, global unrest and environmental concerns among other issues. To help manage significant uncertainty, INTL FCStone Financial Inc. will conduct a series of market outlook virtual events to address specific concerns for the crude oil, distillate, gasoline, NGLs, and natural gas markets.

Sign up for the full series or pick and choose the dates and topics most relevant to you.  

Energy Outlook Analysis: 

Navigating Through Current Market Conditions

Contact Us:

Brayton Tom

Risk Management Consultant

INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division

Natural Gas Market - New Decade. New Rules.

July 10, 2020

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11:30 a.m. EST

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Topics will include: 

Natural Gas Production Declines

Record Storage Coming This Winter

Renewables Market Share in Comparison to Natural Gas for Electricity Generation

Kevin Solomon is an experienced analyst with a passion for the energy markets and the macroeconomy. Kevin previously worked at RANsquawk as a Market Analyst covering a broad set of asset classes including energy, fixed income, equities and metals. His experience at RANsquawk provided him with a penchant for understanding the deep-rooted linkages that exist in the global economy and solidified his passion for economics. Kevin later pursued his masters in the Economics of Monetary and Financial Policy at the University of Nottingham which helped him view the macroeconomy from a policy-setting perspective. Kevin joined INTL FCStone Ltd. in the summer of 2019 as an Energy Economist, helping clients comprehend the fluid nature of the energy markets as well as highlighting possible risks that may be emerging in the background.

Meet the Presenters

John Best has been in the energy industry for three (3)+ decades. He has extensive oil experience, and is known for his ability to cultivate and develop successful, long term relationships. His ability to cultivate relationships has resulted in forging business alliances in competitive markets. John has been recognized for success in strategic thinking and problem solving, while maintaining a focus on organizational goals. Mr. Best started his career as a refined products trader at Koch Industries. Throughout his career, John has helped build trading organizations, having increased profitability from break even to $100 million in two years with one team, and in a lead role, helped facilitate the sale of another trading group for $90 million. He also was a minority owner of three successful brokerage companies over his career. While a member of INTL FCStone Financial Inc. – FCM Division, John is Senior Vice President, and works in the Houston office, leading a team that brokers physical and financial refined products and crude oil, clearing and futures execution, energy consulting, advisory services for Exploration and Production companies.

Kevin Solomon

John Best

James Burr is Senior Vice President – Energy at INTL FCStone Financial Inc. FCM Division. James began his career within the commodity industry in 1981 as a commercial grain hedger employed by Farmers Commodities Corporation based in their Kansas City office. He became the manager of that office in 1986, and pioneered the firm’s entry into the energy futures markets in 1988 being named Vice President of Energy and started the firm’s Energy Swaps division in 1996 which became known as FCStone Trading, LLC and is now known as INTL FCStone Markets, LLC, a CFTC provisionally registered swap dealer and INTL FCStone Financial Inc.’s sister company. Having more than 39 years of experience managing risk for commercial accounts, from retailers to end-users, Mr. Burr possesses a unique understanding of the strategic use of derivatives, physicals and the futures market as beneficial tools to manage risk and improve profits. As a commonly heard keynote speaker, he utilizes his expertise with cash contracts, futures and derivatives to afford the client risk management skills much needed in today’s marketplace.

James Burr

Dan Conrath is Senior Vice President at INTL FCStone Financial Inc., FCM Division. With over 25 years of experience in energy price risk management, Dan has led advisory projects for many of the largest utilities in the U.S. He is a regular instructor in energy price risk management education and has presented risk management topics before numerous state and city regulators. Dan has significant practical experience in guiding utilities and energy-intensive companies on the best application of risk management methodologies for their respective cultures and risk tolerances. Dan became a partner at Risk Management Incorporated, now part of INTL FCStone Financial Inc., FCM Division, in 1992. He oversees the execution of approximately $16 billion (notional value) in energy contracts for INTL FCStone clients each year. Dan holds a BS from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign).

Dan Conrath

Peter Rowley is a Risk Manager with INTL FCStone Financial Inc.’s New York Energy Desk. He has 10 years in the commodities brokerage and risk management space, getting his start in Agriculture derivatives and transitioning to the Energy space five years ago. With extensive knowledge across the barrel and broader energy spectrum, his main area of expertise is in Natural Gas Liquids in which he provides daily commentary and market coverage. His customer base spans from producer to end user and provides tailored solutions to their hedging and trading needs.

Peter Rowley

About the Host:

INTL FCStone Financial Inc.’s FCM Division provides full-service, 24-hour futures and options brokerage, advisory, clearing and execution services on all major commodity exchanges worldwide. We add value for clients across a variety of financial markets by helping them to systematically identify and quantify exposures to commodity price risks.