Financial Institutions

Enable your customers to do business in more countries, without increasing your risk.

Hard Currency vs. Local Currency

Organizations now have the option to fund their international programs in local currency. By choosing to execute international payments in local currency, organizations can participate in the conversion process and ensure that payments are executed at a competitive, transparent rate with all costs known upfront.

Live Rates 

Clients access live rates and execution capabilities in over 175 countries, offering clients control over the international payments process.

Online Approvals 

FXecute offers a variety of user roles and provides clients with an integrated online approval process.

Security Features

Robust security features in FXecute system maintain data integrity and ensure compliance with global payment regulations.

Clear Audit Trail

FXecute can be integrated with most accounting software to simplify both internal payment and audit processes.

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Global Payments Solutions

Providing clients with a single solution for local currency needs worldwide. 


Make sure that more of every dollar goes toward your mission, not commission.


Achieve the same levels of operational and accounting certainty abroad that you get domestically.

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